Students Flex Their Flexible Packaging Design Skills
Plastic packaging of a facemask/moisturizerAnnapolis, MD-based Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) unveiled the winners of the FPA 2019 Student Flexible Design Challenge that consisted of a team of students from University of Wisconsin — Stout as first place winners while a student from San José State University took second place.

FPA’s annual Achievement Awards competition recognizes innovative flexible packaging from across its membership. The industry also believes it is important to encourage and recognize students who are working to become the next generation of packaging designers. For the 2019 competition, FPA received 42 concept outlines from some of the top packaging design programs across the United States. From the concept outlines submitted, 18 were selected to continue to the development phase.

First place honors: Face Wash/Moisturizer

Maria Brownell and Melea Bruns

University of Wisconsin — Stout

The Combined Facial Mask/Facial Moisturizer is a triangularly shaped package that contains a facial mask on one side and a facial moisturizer on the other. The package addresses the issue of consumer convenience because the package allows consumers to use the products 3-6 times before discarding. Less waste will accumulate in landfills because consumers can use it multiple times. The consumer can relax knowing that they can buy one package and have two needed products inside.

Plastic packaging of car wash podsSecond place honors: Car Wash Pods 

Tanay Prabhu

San José State University

Car Wash Pods are a new and easy way to store car wash soap, replacing rigid bottles which are large and bulky, and consumers have to measure the required amount of soap needed for use. Each Car Wash Pod holds 1 oz. of soap encapsulated in a water-soluble Polyvinyl Acetate film. To use the pods, consumers place a pod in a 5-gallon bucket and fills the bucket with water to dissolve the film. Car Wash Pods are easy to use and provide consumer convenience.

Judges felt that this year’s entries demonstrated a high level of creativity as well as a strong understanding of the mechanical properties of flexible packaging materials and the manufacturing processes involved. While every winning entry was designed for a different product, they each found an ingenious way to apply flexible packaging to satisfy the growing consumer demand for convenient, easy-to-use packaging.

Judges included Cory Francer, Senior Editor, packagePRINTING magazine; Robert Kimmel, Sc.D., Associate Professor and Director, Clemson University Center for Flexible Packaging, Clemson University; and David Luttenberger, Global Packaging Director, Mintel Group Ltd.


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