LeRoy Plastics, Inc. offers bonding of all extruded plastic tubing, hose, cabling and wires using a proprietary process which does not involve any corrosive solvents or adhesives which could possibly leach into or degrade many types of plastic. Our tube size capabilities range from 1/16" to 2" diameter tubing, hose, wires or cable.

We are capable of bonding extruded plastic tubing and hose in any size combination from most any common plastic material family available in two, three and right up to fourteen line custom bonded configurations.

We offer many the following bonding variations for you to choose from:

Strippable Bond - The bond style is continuous and yet provides relatively easy separation to split the tubes apart. Once separated, this style of bond leaves a thin parting line on the outer surface of the tube or hose where the bond has occurred. This bond style is recommended for use with barbed fittings.

Permanent Bond - This bond style is continuous and ideal when there can be no chance of separation. Often used for bonding customer specific lengths or plastic coated cables and wires to a multi-tube or multi-hose bonded assembly.

Intermittent Bond - This bond style is exclusively offered by Le Roy Plastics Inc. The bond is permanent and has measured intervals of gaps where no bond has taken place. No need for any separation or splitting back of the tubes where it is cut and provides a clean perfect seal every time. All machines can be programmed to offer most any intermittent bond to gap ratio.
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